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Ethernet Cable Spaghetti

Today I work, I got to re-wire one of the IDF closets at the middle school.

The people who installed it decided to use all blue 14-foot patch cables... There were nearly 200 of them so tracing one cable was near impossible.  Here's some before pictures:


And now for the Spaghetti!


In order to fix this, we ordered 200 6-foot Cat6 patch cables of different colors so that it will be easier to trace a single wire.  It will also be much less messy because these are 6-feet and not 14-feet.



Much better!  Now the red go to the first switch and the first patch panel, the black go to the second switch and second panel... and so on.  I just wanted to post this because I am really interested in networking, and this was a fun project that I got to do.  Also the colored Ethernet cables look pretty :)

So here's the part where it might get interesting for you.  Those cables only cost around $3.00 per unit!  If you bought something similar at BestBuy or Wal Mart or Radio Shack it would cost you upwards of $15 a piece.  The company who makes these is called Quiktron, and they have a factory in Iowa (the state I live in).  If you need any Ethernet cables, definitely check there first... they have even more colors than pictured above!
(I'm currently waiting on a link to a retailer... I'll post it here tomorrow when I get it.)

Till tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this!!! The color coding is a simple, yet efficient way of taking care of a similar situation that I am having!

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